Are you your own admin?

If you’re out in the field all day meeting with clients, you’re probably spending normal off hours meaning after 5 to bedtime, keeping up with paperwork. Is home more office than home? Rather than waiting until you get home to do administrative work, get caught up while you’re in the field between customer appointments. A much better way to work is to load up your laptop with CoreOffice Contractor software, get a portable printer and off you go! Use your time in between appointments to catch up on creating estimates, invoices, purchase orders, print checks and more! By the time you get back home, you’re really done for the day. Really, you are!

Claim adjusters in the field, ditto, except we’ll direct you to MinuteClaim software.

What exactly is a PDF?

A PDF is simply a document that cannot be edited by the receiver. If you want to email an estimate, invoice or contract to a client, rather than emailing a word document which can be edited by the receiver, save your Word file (.doc) or Excel file (.xls) as a PDF file (.pdf) instead.
When your customer receives the document, they doubleclick to open as usual. The receiver does need the free Adobe Reader in order to view the PDF. Which is really not a big deal since most people already have Adobe Reader on their computers. In case they don’t, they can always go to download Adobe Reader for free. Therefore… If a client calls for a copy of their invoice, you can quickly look the client up, and email the invoice in PDF format directly from CoreOffice as it ships with a PDF creator. Same goes for emailing estimates, subcontractor bids, etc.

What if I already use QuickBooks Contractor for accounting?

Many of our clients use QuickBooks as they originally come to us for all the other things contractors need. So, if you’re happy with Quickbooks, there’s no need to change the accounting part of your business. In fact, CoreOffice Contractor Software even has an Export Job Folder to QuickBooks button you can use so that you don’t need to re-enter job folder info into QuickBooks when it becomes a sale. Because CoreOffice has easy-to-use, yet powerful invoicing, general ledger, check writing functionality built in, many of our users who use us for lead management, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, job costing, purchase orders, and more, eventually convert their accounting functions over to CoreOffice as it eliminates many extra steps. Of course, if you don’t already have an accounting system, there’s no need to buy a separate package if you use CoreOffice. As an added bonus for contractors running multiple offices, we even offer the ability to consolidate all your offices into a single consolidated general ledger account while keeping leads, scheduling, reporting and all other functions separate.